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Inquiry into online gambling

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On 10 February 2023, members of the R.E.V. Project research team presented at the parliamentary inquiry into online gambling and its impacts on those experiencing gambling harm. The inquiry was a significant opportunity for researchers to showcase their groundbreaking work, which is helping to inform and shape policy and practice around preventing gambling harms.

a public health response

The R.E.V. Project Coordinator, Louise Francis, and the Australian Health Promotion Association’s Vice-President, Melinda Edmunds, represented the Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA). They spoke to the inquiry about AHPA’s submission on evidence-informed health promotion and prevention activities and the importance of involving young people in developing any public health responses to gambling. Read the transcript here.

The R.E.V. Project researcher, Professor Samantha Thomas, presented with colleagues from Deakin University, Dr. Hannah Pitt, and Dr. Simone McCarthy, on their research on young people and gambling marketing. The team’s research has focused on how young people are exposed to gambling advertising and marketing, and how this exposure affects their attitudes and behaviors towards gambling. Read the transcript here.

Their research has revealed that young people are exposed to gambling marketing through a range of channels, including social media, online advertising, and sports broadcasts. The team has also found that exposure to gambling marketing can lead to more positive attitudes towards gambling, increased participation in gambling activities, and a greater likelihood of experiencing gambling harm.

Researchers emphasised the importance of a public health response to gambling and spoke about the need for greater regulation of the gambling industry’s advertising and marketing, particularly with regards to its impact on young people.