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Youth Advisors

The REV project is supported by a talented group of youth advisors who bring unique perspectives to guide our research, helping us remain innovative and inclusive:

Daniela Gonzalez

Daniela is a first year Health Promotion student at Curtin University, eager to be a member of the Youth Project Advisory Group and gain practical experience in the field. Daniela is passionate about public health, research and achieving improved health outcomes, in particular among adolescents and young adults. She is hopeful that her contributions to the project will support the project objectives of reducing young people’s exposure to gambling marketing and limit the negative impacts experienced by young people from gambling marketing.

Suhasi Patel

Suhasi, a medical student at Curtin University, is thrilled to be a part of the REV project as a member of the Project Advisory Group. Alongside her clinical placements, Suhasi actively contributes to the design and implementation of the project, utilising her passion for research. She is passionate about mental health, medicine and youth advocacy. By immersing herself in this project, she seeks to make a meaningful impact on the understanding of young people’s exposure to gambling marketing and contribute to the prevention of gambling-related harms in the community.

Brooklyn Royce

Brooklyn is a recent BSc (Health Promotion) graduate who is currently enrolled as a Public Health Honours student at Curtin University. Her project will explore exposure, attitudes and perception towards gambling activity, messages, and marketing strategies among young people in Western Australia. During her studies, Brooklyn has volunteered through the Collaboration for Evidence, Research and Impact in Public Health (CERIPH) where she has further developed her research skill set. Brooklyn is enthusiastic to expand her depth of knowledge through her studies and has an interest in gambling, mental health, and drowning prevention.